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Low Carbon Ferrochrome Production

Low Carbon Ferrochrome Production (LC FeCr)
LC FeCr (Low Carbon Ferrochrome) is a ferro-alloy used to regulate the ratio of Chromium in steel production without Carbon and other unwanted ingredients. Due to high quality it is a reliable and economical alternative instead of metallic Chromium in Superalloy production

1.Raw Material Preparation Facilities
Our company is one of the world's leading manufacturers. It can produce its own high-grade Chrome and quartzite ore without being dependent on any supplier. In 2012, commissioned a fully automated raw material mixture and Kiln feding. Our system by preparing an accurate raw materials for production, it performs the first stage of the product quality.
2. Smelting Plant
The silicothermic reaction of Ferro Silicon Chrome (FeSiCr) metal and melted Chrome ore occurs as a result the Low Carbon Ferrochrome (LC FeCr).  This reaction required for liquid chromium, in the smelting furnace (EAF); Ferro Silicon Chrome as liquid or solid metal, in a reducing furnace (SAF) is been produced. ETI has 36.000 mtons production capacity per year in independently from each other 2 separate units. All these furnaces have been updated with the latest technology in the industry between years 2012-2015. ETI is the only manufacturer in the industry capable of Perrin and Duplex methods with more than half a century of experience.
3. Product Preparation Facility 
LC FeCr metal is poured into ingots to remove all impurities in the face cleaned in tunnel blasting machine. After this cleaning, crushing, screening and brought to the desired size in the packaging facility in Big-Bag packages are ready for sale.
The Industrial usage of Low Carbon Ferrochrome; Stainless steel, high temperature and corrosion-resistant steel, the chemical industry, in obtaining the chromium compound is used in all kinds of machinery manufacturing and other areas.