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Human Resources Policy

The aim of the Human Resources Policy is to provide and employ best possible trained and capable staff to positions at all levels of the company. In parallel, the basic principles are as follows;
  • To employ the required number of staff and enable them to be worked with the highest efficiency following the performance,
  • The qualified staff to employ the position of the feature, provide opportunity for growth for all staffs according to the proficiency and competence
  • To ensure the protection of all staffs’ rights related with personnel matters,
  • To encourage the personel for achievement, and reward them.
  • To make an effort to train staff for the vacant management positions within the company
  • To inform the staff about issues in a timely manner keep up with to enable their views and suggestions on this issue in order to provide the report to the upper echelon.
  • To create a work environment for employees to develop themselves and to work heartily with their directors. Making an effort build up human relations.
  • Strives to create a safe work environment and to protect the health of employees
  • Within the framework of performance criteria to ensure job security for employees
  • To evaluate satisfaction level of employees and loyalty to workplace. To make the necessary improvements.

Applicants, who are accordance with foregoing HR policies, can make an application to our company, who is one of the leading in mining & metallurgy sector around the world through our; ik@etimet.com.